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Refresh your goals and action items in this dynamic, interactive one-day training on the Business of Wellness. An effective way to tune up your goals for your business plan and desired outcomes. Ideal for fitness instructors, health practitioners, and wellness professionals. Meet people from the same field as you discuss, move, write and revisit your mission.


What is wellness?
a) definition of;
b) Why decide to work in this field;
c) Benefits of working in wellness // self-care, community involvement, contribution to a healthier lifestyle for both our clients and us;
d) Struggles of working in wellness // financial, marketing, redundancy, plateau of creativity and output.

What are the roadblocks?
a) Financial inconsistency;
b) Schedule issues in family planning or other work income streams;
c) Time investment over revenues for time invested.

Highs and Lows:
a) Why we persevere;
b) Feast or Famine.

Dreams. Vision. Core Values: What are core values and what is your WHY in working in this field?
a) Identifying your core values;
b) Creating your core value board of director;
c) Discussion and value sharing.

Team exercise in identifying your "strengths + weaknesses"
Movement and Voice Activation with Louise via Zumba and vocals to liberate any fear, tension and doubt.
Creating space to create your action item list in a few moments.

Creative and Collaborative Idea Sharing
a) Explore fresh ideas to inject new energy into your work, your marketing, and how you attract your clients, your tribe;
b) Partner work: Identifying new ideas and how to potentially place them into your offerings;
c) Defining what YOU dream of working on and why do it in the next 3 months;
d) Creating a list of three action items to kick into gear.

This structured one-day immersion also includes:
- a welcome smoothie
- a healthy lunch
- a take-home manual
and much more!

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