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85H Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training


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Please provide us with any additional information that we should know ie. Are you currently enrolled in school? Do you have a busy family life? Are you pregnant? Are there other special circumstances that we should know about to better serve you : health issues, physical limitations, emotional limitations, overloaded work schedule etc
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Please take a few moments to review our payment options and policies as described in our Student General Agreement Contract.  


  • Training approved and recognized by the Yoga Alliance

  • French or English Manual designed by our team 

  • Early morning prenatal fitness classes to give you ideas on how you can include diversity in your prenatal programs

  • Lunchtime guest speaker series (prenatal nutrition, Ayurveda, massage and acupuncture)

  • A deck of motherhood cards designed by JUNA Yoga and Estelle Thomson Art

  • A “Mother-to-Be” meditation kit designed by JUNA and L'Esprit

  • Access to a wonderful prenatal library on site

  • Wi-fi access at the studio

  • Access to our ongoing tea station

  • A friendly but active follow up to help you feel supported during homework and practicum sessions post training

  • 24 hour access to our beautiful log studio for personal practice time before or after the day’s curriculum

  • Free parking next to the studio for easy access to our space

  • Access to a quiet meditation room for personal practice and homework

  • A detailed schedule and homework agenda allowing you to see the flow of each day and homework for the following day

  • Handouts to add to your manual from all of our prenatal guest speakers 


PRICING : *1950$ CAD + taxes 


**Early Bird Discount: save 150$ on the regular price when you register before December 1rst 2019 and get additional content in your prenatal meditation kit such as:


  • Stones & natural puja elements for various prenatal themes

  • Class sequencing cards for you to draw and write on

  • Bonus reading list & music list



Registration Fee:

Please note that, once accepted into the training, a non-refundable deposit of $500 + taxes will be deducted from your first payment to cover administrative fees and to secure your spot in this training. Once we have received your application, our team will email you to schedule a phone call to answer any questions you may have.


*Only 16 spots available.