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Our manifesto

At JUNA we believe this new era of womanhood presents both opportunities and challenges for us all. It is our mission to create a community where woman are heard, where they can move freely, where they can benefit from the physical and emotional teachings of Yoga, the wonders of natural landscapes and the female camaraderie we foster.

We craft experiences that address the current realities of womanhood and explore the ever-evolving roles women occupy in the world today with empathy, insight and movement.

We surf, paddle, bike and ski in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations and work with local guides, chefs, farmers and yoga instructors to build travel adventures and trainings full of nourishment, culture and education. Our retreats and destination teacher trainings allow our guests and students to transform their lives and to remember that everyone has the power to step into their fullest potential.

- Nadia xx